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Democrats Speak Out Against Women's Health and Safety Act

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Some Alabama Democrats are speaking out against State republicans after the House passed the controversial Women's Health and Safety Act.

It imposes harsher restrictions on abortion clinics and limits some forms of birth control.

Some Democrats are not happy.

"Republican women have fallen in lockstep with the Republican agenda which is anti-woman, anti-public education and against expanding health care access to thousands," says Mark Kennedy, the Chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party. "Alabama's women Republican legislators have over-dosed on ‘Father Knows Best' reruns."

Republican Representative Terri Collins, Decatur, voted in favor of the bill.

"It took the standards of an abortion center and said they had to meet the same medical standards of other medical-related surgical-type related areas."

She says the act doesn't hurt women, it protects them.

"Some of them in our state--there were like 300 violations of different kinds within the last 2 years so these are not necessarily safe places," she explained.

But many clinic owners say they cannot afford to make all the required changes and will be forced to close if the bill is signed into law. That includes the Alabama Women's Center here in Huntsville, but some in the area say they do not think that is a bad thing.

"I feel like abortion is a very serious issue and its not up to the individual to make a decision as far as taking a life because that something that God has put into affect," said local music producer Scott Buckner.

And James Farmer agrees.

"Life is life you gotta have it to live, you gotta have trees to breathe-- so bring it into the world and let somebody have it that will love it."

The bill still must be passed by the Senate and signed into law by Governor Robert Bentley.

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