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Two Arrested Amid UNA Rape Allegations

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FLORENCE Ala. - Two suspects have been arrested in connection with a rape reported at the University of North Alabama Sunday morning. Police say a third arrest will follow.

UNA student Jennifer Weeks said she found out about the accused rape in her dorm building through a campus text alert.

"I freaked out a little bit because it was right above my head," Weeks said.

Campus police responded to a call at Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital regarding a female UNA student who claimed to have been raped in her Rivers Hall dormitory overnight.

"There was more than one person involved, as there was more than one person on the scene. We don't know who raped her or what happened yet," UNA Police Chief Bob Pastula said.

Two suspects were arrested Sunday afternoon and a third warrant will be served Monday. Pastula said the victim knew the suspects.

"She lives in the same dormitory as they do, so she knows who they are," Pastula said.

Rivers Hall is a co-ed dorm, with the different floors separated by gender.

"There is no longer a curfew for the opposite sex to be on the floor, but you are supposed to be escorted at all times by somebody who lives on the floor," Community Advisor Nikki Messer said.

To enter the dormitory students have to swipe their key card. That secure entry gives Jennifer Weeks a general feeling of safety where she lives, but now she says she will not take that for granted.

"You're definitely more cautious, like you know what's at stake if you are by yourself. You re just generally more aware," Weeks said.


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