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Top 9@9 for March 6, 2013

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1. A judge is extending an order preventing the Governor from signing a private school tax credit bill. Alabama lawmakers say they will appeal.

2. Limestone County Schools are following in Huntsville's footsteps. The school board approved the first step towards an all digital curriculum, approving $1 million for wireless internet for the district.

3. Kohl's is the latest of a number of businesses opening in Decatur. With an entertainment district in the works, there is a lot of buzz about the economic upswing.

4. Daniel Proctor, the man serving life in North Alabama for theft, will soon be extradited back to Florida to face a murder charge stemming from the disappearance and death of his girlfriend, Huntsville native Amy Patterson.

5. Valley travelers are not happy with TSA's updated prohibited items list. The changes allow some knives on board, while bottled water is not allowed.

6. The snowquester also not too popular with travelers. There were no flights in or out of D.C. because of the weather for part of the day on Wednesday. The House and Senate remained in session throughout the day, working on the budget.

7. Manicures are the latest item on the list of cancer-causing agents. Gel manicures are all the rage, but one doctor says the UV lights can cause skin cancer.

8. Drones in American skies are a hot debate in Washington as the Attorney General fields questions from Senate Republicans about whether those drones would be used to kill Americans.

9. And a robber in Connecticut was hitting the drive-thru at Dunkin' Donuts. But the clerk wasn't having it. She threw a pot of hot coffee on the culprit, sending him fleeing.

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