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Top 9@9 for February 28, 2013

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1. The sequester deadline is inching ever closer. Amidst all the finger pointing, the president says leaders from both parties will meet Friday to discuss a path forward.

2. Those across the board cuts could mean illegal immigrants released from Valley jails. The DeKalb County Sheriff says he currently receives federal dollars to detain immigrants.

3. An Athens man was found guilty of taking a loaded shotgun to Athens High School. Thomas Smoak's wife called the school to warn them and police just before he was arrested in 2010. Smoak will be sentenced May 7th.

4. A Mississippi man is facing charges for the death of a former Alabama A&M administrator. Marco McMillian was found dead in Coahoma County Wednesday morning. He was running for mayor in Clarksdale.

5. Middle Schoolers at Discovery were treated to an out of this world experience, with a visit from a former NASA Administrator and a former astronaut. Next week they'll get to speak with an astronaut live on the International Space Station.

6. A Missouri man stuck on an Alabama highway has become a local attraction. His yacht broke down after he picked it up in Talladega. It's been stuck for a month.

7. Pope Benedict XVI officially calling it quits. The first pope to step down in six hundred years urged the cardinals to work in unity.

8. "Do you feel it is acceptable for city council members to be up and walking around while constituents are addressing them?" That's the question an 11-year-old asked the Dallas City Council. He says he hopes to be president one day.

9. A Kentucky man says he makes nearly $100,000 a year pretending to be mentally and physically disabled.

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