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Top 9@9 for February 17, 2013

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1. Investigators believe a wood burning stove may be to blame for a fatal fire in Northeast Madison County. The home did not have electricity.

2. In Lawrence County, a man was killed when he lost control of his car while being chased by police. His five year old daughter was in the car, but did not suffer life threatening injuries.

3. NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and the Space and Rocket Center played host to Robots to Rocket City Sunday. Students from across the Tennessee Valley built complex robots for the competition.

4. Hunters say they found a human skull in a wooded area near an I-65 bridge in Baldwin County. The skull appears to have a bullet hole in the forehead and has been taken to a state forensic lab.

5. Alabama's new chief justice says the judicial system is being cut out of existence. Roy Moore says the governor's proposed budget would leave a $19 million shortfall and cause more layoffs.

6. Alabama is the 2nd most religious state in the Union according to a new study. The Gallup poll, which ranked Mississippi number one, classified 40 percent of Americans as very religious.

7. Gun and ammo companies are leaving states like Colorado and New York because of new strict laws. The companies say they will not sell in these states and will move any offices.

8. Facebook is not getting many likes for it's tax status. The company, whose profits in the US show as $1.1 billion, will pay no income tax, and instead get a refund of $429 million.

9. An Ohio woman had her baby in a hair salon. The beautician was just over eight months pregnant when she went to work.

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