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Top 9@9 for February 14, 2013

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1. A Lacey's Spring woman was found dead on River Loop Road. The woman's ex-husband is wanted in connection with the murder.

2. The Sheffield police chief is back on the job. A civil service board reinstated Greg Ray after a five hour hearing. The mayor fired Ray for what he called performance issues.

3. Passengers on a disabled Carnival cruise ship finally reached land Thursday night. The ship entered Mobile Bay around 4p.m., and the 4000 people on board were expected to be back on land some time overnight.

4. American Airlines and US Airways will officially become the world's biggest airline. The $11 billion merger is now a done deal, meaning American will have more than 900 planes, pending government approval.

5. Business travel is finally reaching pre-recession levels, although companies are asking employees to pull back on perks like first class.

6. The NRA is responding to the President's push for tougher gun laws in his State of the Union Address. The association's president says members will not surrender and will buy more guns than ever.

7. The world's first bionic eye now has FDA approval. The Argus II works by substituting electrodes for the light sensing cells that normally react to light by sending an electric signal back to the retina.

8. Taco Bell is rolling out Cool Ranch flavored Doritos tacos next month. The company has sold more than 350 million nacho cheese tacos, after they debuted last year.

9. A Valentine's Day ban at one Florida high school is breaking hearts. District officials say gifts and deliveries are too distracting for the classroom.

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