Legislators Pre-file Home Brew Bills


The fight to legalize home brewing is getting another look in the Alabama Legislature. Although prohibition ended in 1933, the ban of home brewing was never repealed in the state of Alabama. For years, a grassroots effort has been growing to get the law repealed. Now, Alabama Legislators are getting involved.

Home brewing is simply the process of brewing beer in your home, something which according to some, people in Alabama already do, not realizing the process is actually illegal. Representative Mac McCutcheon has pre-filed a House Bill that would legalize brewing and Senator Bill Holtzclaw has pre-filed a similar legislation.

Eddie Yessick, the manager of a local bar, says many of the local breweries began this way.

"A lot of the local breweries here in town, it all started in garages. I know several people that brew--there is a group of people that get together just to do," said Yessick. "It's a fun activity and it's a hobby that a lot of people enjoy so I don't see any problem with it."

Some opponents of the legislation say it would increase the chance that alcohol could fall into the hands of children while others look at the issue strictly from a religious perspective.

"There is religious debate over this issue as well as any bill dealing with alcohol," said Rep. McCutcheon. "The religious folks they aren't just picking on the home brewers, but they look at alcohol as something that's not good for our society and I can respect that."

McCutcheon says it is important to realize that this alcohol would not be for sale to the public and is oftentimes simply a hobby for the brewers. He also says the prohibition could present a property rights issue.

The bills have not yet made it out of their respective committees.

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