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Top 9@9 for February 7, 2013

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1. A Huntsville man is accused of throwing flaming bottles filled with gasoline at homes. Police say two houses in North Huntsville were targeted.

2. A stolen police car was recovered in Tennessee. The unmarked Huntsville police unit was found over the weekend, stripped of its equipment.

3. The body of Jimmy Lee Dykes was removed from his underground bunker in Midland City and taken to a state forensics laboratory in Montgomery. He was killed in a shootout after holding a five-year-old hostage for nearly a week.

4. That standoff led to countless man hours and on overwhelming amount of resources to rescue little Ethan. The estimated cost for law enforcement is thought to be in the millions.

5. After a Shoals woman battling cancer gave up her cat because she couldn't afford pet fees, she says it traveled several miles, crossing roads and highways, and showed up at her door.

6. American Airlines and US Airways are reportedly hashing out the final details of a merger that would create the world's largest airline.

7. A lawsuit filed in federal court in Chicago claims workers should be paid overtime when they access emails or answer work related telephone calls off-duty. The Chicago police sergeant who filed it says the city owes him.

8. A Florida man had to deliver his own baby in the parking lot of a Shell Gas Station with the help of a 911 operator on the phone.  Mom and baby are doing fine.

9. A book checked out from the New York library is returned. That's not a big deal until you realize it was checked out in 1958.

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