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Businesses Take Part in Barrels of Love

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The shelves are bare at some Decatur non-profits.

This year, a group of businesses think they can make a change.

The demand is growing, the shelves are bare.

"We have many more people coming in for food, needing food, and our shelves end up being empty many times," says Beverly Johnson, Committee on Church Cooperation.

But it's not that donations are down.

It's just the need that's greater. The donations have been coming in.

"The needs gone up at least 150% from last year," says Johnson.

That's why starting Valentine's Day, the Barrels of Love will come into play.

"We normally have a housing issue, a shelter issue in the Decatur community and we learned that food was a huge issue and that led to all of this," says Wendy Taylor, Toray Floral Fibers.

The challenge is for each employee is to bring in 3 cans of non perishables from 30 participating businesses, a challenge they hope will succeed.

"The numbers don't add up and the industry has agreed to support the area we live in," says Taylor, which will hopefully in turn lead to a less hungry community.

The donations will be split among the Salvation Army, The CCC, and the Backpack Program at local schools.

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