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Top 9@9 for February 6, 2013

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1. Wednesday was National Signing Day! That's a huge day for many high school athletes. Valley stars Grant Hill and Dee Liner are headed to Alabama. Cameron Toney and Johnathan Ford will play at Auburn.

2. Financial woes will force the post office to drop Saturday delivery for everything except packages. The reduced service is expected to produce $2 billion in savings.

3. Wednesday marked five years since deadly tornadoes in Lawrence and Jackson Counties claimed five lives.

4. School flexibility and legalizing marijuana were among the issues touched on in day two of the Alabama legislative session. It's expected to last until mid-May.

5. In Georgia, lawmakers are considering a proposal that would prevent potential employers or even your current boss from accessing your social network accounts. It's called the Snooping Bill.

6. A tough flu season is turning a healthy profit for Clorox. The company's shares hit an all time high this week as everyone was running out and buying disinfectant wipes.

7. At least one person died after a jaw-dropping crash in Florida. A box truck crashed through a guardrail and was left dangling over the interstate.

8. A Wisconsin woman, known as the "rat lady", was evicted from her home for having too many pets. One pet rat multiplied into hundreds.

9. A Michigan man with a lengthy criminal rap sheet treated his video arraignment like an audition. He rapped to the judge.

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