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Winchester Rd. on List of State Road Projects for ATRIP Funding

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Gov. Robert Bentley has announced 302 more road and bridge projects that the state will finance with bond sales.

The 302 projects announced Monday total $398 million, with nearly $60 million earmarked for the valley.

That boosts Gov. Bentley's Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program (ATRIP) to 439 projects totaling $613 million.

The largest projects include $18.7 million in Tuscaloosa to extend Fifth Avenue to Hackberry Lane at the University of Alabama campus and $16.6 million in Foley to extend Pride Drive from Alabama Highway 59 to County Road 20.

In Madison County, projects include $7 million to improve the interchange at Blake Bottom Road and Research Park Blvd. and $3.6 million to widen Winchester Road from the Flint River past Bell Factory Road.

Cities and counties applied to the state to have projects approved, and they agreed to put up as much as 20% of the funding.

The governor said the state's share comes from selling bonds that will be paid for with future funding from the federal government for highway improvements.

Here's the breakdown for projects in North Alabama:

Dekalb County ($7,350,450.00)


CR-27 from CR-121 to SR-75 ($750,000)

CR-27 from SR-75 to Jackson County line ($600,000)

CR-85 from US-11 to CR-121 ($378,000)

CR-85 from CR-121 to SR-40 ($725,000)

CR-127 from CR-271 to CR-89 ($543,000)

CR-479 from the Etowah County line to CR-26 ($350,000)

CR-479 from CR-26 to SR-168 ($710,000)

CR-44 from CR-50 to CR-835 ($700,000)

CR-50 from CR-56 to SR-75 ($220,000)

CR-50 from SR-75 to CR-44 ($455,000)

Bridge Replacement:

Rainsville, Chavies Road over Town Creek ($1,544,450)

Franklin County ($1,804,419.14)

Bridge Replacement & Resurfacing:

CR-22 bridge over Mack Branch and resurface from SR-187 to McCafee Rd ($604,489.14)


Red Bay, Golden Rd between SR-24 and the State Line and bridge culvert replacement ($771,560.00)

Hodges, Turn Lanes & Decel Lanes at the Entrance to the Hodges Equestrian Trail ($203,370)

Russellville, Resurface Madison Street and Intersection Improvements at US-43 & Lagrange Street ($225,000)

Jackson County ($5,141,607.58)


CR-470 from CR-21 to CR-31 ($211,510.41)

CR-67 from Lakeshore Dr to Chisenhall Springs ($677,024.60)

Scottsboro, Porter Road and Woods Cove Rd with culvert extension ($2,950,000)

Scottsboro, Culvert Replacement and resurface Ridgedale Rd ($1,303,072.57)

Lauderdale County ($6,628,799.34)


CR-8, 16, 47 and 26 ($1,022,334)

Florence, Wood Ave between E Tuscaloosa St & Peck ($3,926,465.34)

Bridge Culvert Replacement:

CR-87 over Bluff Creek ($430,000)

CR-25 over West Fork Creek ($430,000)

CR-187 over Bumpass Creek ($410,000)

CR-94 over Cowpen Creek ($410,000)

Limestone County ($4,450,003.97)


Lindsey Lane from Brownsferry Rd to SR-251 ($519,003.97)

Elkmont, Upper Fort Hampton Road from AL-127 to Sandlin Road ($407,000)

Nick Davis Road from Mooresville Rd to Sanderson Rd ($869,000)

Elk River Mills Rd from Baker Hill Rd to SR-99 ($575,000)

Bridge Replacement:

2 bridges on Ragsdale Creek Rd over Ragsdale Creek ($762,000)

Lucas Ferry Rd over Mud Creek ($522,000)

Athens, Cambridge Lane over French Mill Creek ($590,000)

Intersection Improvement:

Huntsville-Brownsferry Rd & US-31 ($206,000)

Madison County ($10,606,830.00)

Interchange Improvements:

Blake Bottom Rd at SR-255 (Research Park Blvd) ($7,000,000)

Road Widening:

Winchester Rd from the Flint River past Bell Factory Rd ($3,606,830)

Marshall County ($8,866,163.76)


CR-14 (Warrenton Rd) from Marshall County line to CR-44 ($826,438.98)

Arab, Sundown Dr from US-231 to Hulaco Rd & Fry Gap Rd from City Park to City Limits ($546,730)

Arab, 10th Street NW from SR-69 to12th St ($270,759.50)

Albertville, Industrial Blvd & Jackson St ($1,039,062.36)

Bridge Replacement:

Martling Road over Scarham Creek ($4,700,000)

Intersection Improvements:

Guntersville, SR-79 and Additional lanes from US-431 to Willow Beach Rd ($1,483,172.92)

Morgan County ($9,980,000)


Decatur, Moulton Street/Old Moulton Road/12th Avenue SW($645,000)

Trinity, Old Hwy-24 from Woodall Road to West Town Limits ($560,000)

Bridge Replacement:

Vaughn Bridge Rd at Flint Creek ($4,000,000)

Kirby Bridge Rd at the West Fork of Flint Creek ($4,000,000)

Priceville, Cave Springs Rd over Ginhouse Branch ($400,000)

Rescue Road at Kid Creek ($375,000)

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