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Top 9@9 for February 3, 2013

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1. Super Bowl XLVII was Sunday night in New Orleans. The Ravens and 49ers faced off before 70,000 in the Superdome.

2. Valley restaurants spent Sunday getting ready for the big game, preparing food and setting up their dining areas for big crowds.

3. Sunday was day six of a standoff in Midland City near Dothan. Hundreds of people turned out at a service to remember the bus driver who was shot as a child on his bus was taken to a bunker.

4. "Stay strong man, we're praying for you and to his parents."  Members of the community offering prayers for the five year old boy being held hostage. They say praying is the only thing they can do to help.

5. A 25-year-old Iraq war veteran is being held in a Texas county jail on $3 million bond, charged with murdering "American Sniper" author and former Navy Seal Chris Kyle and his friend at a Texas gun range Saturday.

6. A California power plant demolished. Crews used more than 300 pounds of dynamite to implode the structure to make way for a public park.

7. Good news for early risers: New research finds that the A.M. is the best time to hit the gym, before your morning meal. People who work out on an empty stomach burn about 20 percent more fat.

8. A cleaning lady at a California casino found $10,000 while cleaning out the bathroom. She reported the find and the casino used surveillance video to find the owner. The cleaning lady was rewarded with $500 for her good deed.

9. A chilly dip into the Atlantic was for a good cause. The 13th annual Rockaway Plunge was held to raise money for cystic Fibrosis. This year, some of the money is being used for Sandy Relief.

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