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Top 9@9 for January 31, 2013

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1. A high speed chase turned to gunfire. Deputies say the incident started east of Athens after an attempted burglary. Authorities chased the suspect into Madison County where we're told he rammed two deputies vehicles.

2. Investigators are digging through a backyard in Russellville, looking for the remains of a baby. Police say the search is at the home of a convicted sex offender who committed suicide a few weeks ago.

3. Thursday was day three of the standoff in Midland City near Dothan. Neighbors say they are shocked at the nature of the crime, but not the suspect involved.

4. Some of the men instrumental in the first years of space exploration made a stop in the Rocket City. It's part of a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Skylab.

5. Police in Maryland are now recording every interaction they have with the public. The new body cam is strapped on officer's bullet proof vests.

6. An Ohio woman was caught on camera kicking out the car window of a patrol car. She was being brought in for punching her mother in the face and biting her during an argument.

7. What do you do with that old smart phone, computer or television? Regulations are different from state to state. Experts say call the manufacturer for proper disposal.

8. "I see virtually no way to really, without weeks and maybe months of work, to get rid of every single bit of your online existence," says a cyber expert.  It's not possible to completely disappear from the internet. There are new websites that will clear your internet footprint, but it's always important to use discretion in what you post.

9. The rodeo is in town. Crews were carrying the dirt into the VBC today for the Sheriff's Lonestar National finals.

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