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Public Forum Brings State Issues to Light

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Everything from custody rights to midwife restrictions were discussed at the Madison County Legislative Delegation public forum. More than 100 people attended the forum, which was held at Huntsville City Hall. The meeting was not a question and answer session, but simply a chance for the elected leaders to hear what their constituents were most concerned about.

First up was the issue of midwife restrictions in the state of Alabama. Currently, midwives cannot attend out-of-hospital home births. Daniel Elliss and his wife traveled to Tennessee to have a midwife present at the birth of their child and he says this law makes no sense.

"If you were pregnant on the side of the road I could deliver your baby and be called a hero, but someone who is a certified professional, trained and qualified to deliver babies-a midwife- would be prosecuted for it," said Ellis.

Pippa Abston is concerned about laws regulating how much medication doctors must give their Medicaid patients

"Medical science advances rapidly but laws change slowly," she said. "We so not want to have to wait for the next legislative session to be permitted to practice good medicine."

But by far the largest group of people were in attendance to speak against Vulcan Materials opening a quarry near the town of Gurley and many upscale communities in Huntsville.

In all, 12 Representatives and Senators from across Madison County attended the forum. The 2013 session begins February 5th in Montgomery.

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