Wilson Dam Dangers


A sign warning that dangerous waters are ahead is posted at Wilson Dam. Some fisherman say it is a good spot to catch fish, but not worth the risk.
"There has just always been a current down there. You can see it," Bill McCormick said. 
On Saturday, a tragic fishing accident near TVA's Wilson Dam claimed the life of Kenneth Green, a man who regularly fished the area.
"He was wearing his life jacket, but it was just too near the dam and the turbines were spinning and the current was very heavy."
The water can look different on any given day depending on how much water is being generated through the dam. Right now, there is a lot. 
"I'm sure everyone remembers how much rain we got in the last week or so, and so we are moving a lot of water down the Tennessee River. We are generating at full capacity so the waters at the dam are very turbulent right now. It's just safer if you stay away from the dam," TVA Spokesperson Travis Brickey said. 
There are warnings and regulations in place for those fishing the area that Alabama Marine Police said are vital to keeping boaters safe.
"There is a sign that says dangerous waters. There is a red sign letting you know that you are within 800 feet of a hydroelectric dam, and by state law you've got to have a life jacket on just because it's such dangerous water," Officer Josh Bradford said. 
Bill McCormick said Saturday's accident serves as a sad reminder to him that avoiding the area is the best plan.
"You just don't get that close to the dam," McCormick said. 

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