Exploring Solutions for Deadly Crossing


Alphonso Holt was killed at the intersection of Arctic Street and University Drive Wednesday evening while trying to cross the major highway on foot. He was not in a crosswalk and is not the first person to lose their life trying to make the crossing.

"Every time I come down here it is very dangerous and I see people trying to get over on the other side and everything," said Mary Houston. Her mother lives at the intersection and Houston says she was almost hit one time while visiting. She said, "I was waiting on that light and somebody run the light and if I wouldn't paying no attention they would have hit me right in the side."

Councilman Will Culver worked in conjunction with the Alabama Department of Transportation and the Huntsville Housing Authority to get crosswalks installed at Meadow Drive and Arctic Street where they intersect with University, but they aren't always being used.

"None of those vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle accidents occurred in a crosswalk, so the important thing to understand is that they need to cross in those designated crosswalks," said Culver. He represented the area for years and say the city may need to reevaluate the situation.

"We understand that it takes a few more steps down the road and it may be a little bit more inconvenient to the individual, but we want to put safety first," said Dr. Harry Hobbs the spokesman for the Huntsville Police Department. "When you go up to these crosswalks if there is a signal initiator push that button and then wait, you will clearly see your signal to cross."

And drivers have just as much responsibility as the pedestrians.

"When you know you are coming to an authorized crosswalk with a light, then consciously slow down even though you may have the right of way-- just knowing that possibly that light may change where the pedestrian can cross," said Hobbs

Both Culver and Hobbs say that the city and police force may soon be looking into what needs to happen at this busy, and deadly, crossing.

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