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Top 9@9 for January 24, 2013

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1. Supplies were on standby Thursday for a Friday winter weather event. Crews were ready in case freezing rain became a nuisance.

2. A man wanted for murder in Huntsville was picked up in Minnesota. Laron Lukes is charged with the November murder of Pedro Love in November.

3. A pedestrian hit and killed on University Dr.  highlights a growing problem. Jaywalking across the busy road leads to dozens of accidents.

4. The Tennessee Valley Authority is taking a stand against trees threatening power lines. TVA says it will trim the trees no matter who owns the property after it was fined $175,000 because of overgrown vegetation.

5. Rocket testing is heating up at the Marshall Space Flight Center. NASA started a new series of test firings of the gas generator in the F-1 engine, the same one that launched the Saturn V that sent humans to the moon.

6. Fourteen bags of dead animals were found in a field in Walker County. The man who owns the property says his niece worked at an animal shelter and was attempting to foster the animals that ended up dying.

7. A Chicago warehouse fire turned into an ice castle after sitting in frigid temperatures. A third of Chicago's fire fleet responded to the five alarm fire Tuesday night.

8. The American Chicken Council is warning that chicken wings might be hard to come by on Super Bowl Sunday. Record high prices for corn are being blamed for the shortage because corn makes up two thirds of a chicken's diet.

9. The cleaning fairy is in trouble again in Ohio. The 53-year old-woman arrested for breaking into homes and cleaning houses last year, now accused of shoveling neighbors' driveways without permission.

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