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Hartselle Parent Starts Petition Against Proposed Safety Drill

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Parents across the Tennessee Valley are signing a petition against a shooting drill at a Hartselle elementary school.

Dondi Johnson created the petition last week after hearing about the option of an active shooting drill at F.E. Burleson Elementary, her daughter's school. The petition currently has more than 350 signatures.

Johnson said it is not the thought of a shooting drill that bothers her, it's the thought that her six-year-old could have to see a fake gunman.

"I don't even object to an active shooter as long as there are no kids involved," Johnson said.

Having kids involved is one idea she said was discussed at a Hartselle City School Board meeting earlier this month.

"All of them were speaking about having a pretend live gunman," Johnson said.

She started the petition to make sure that doesn't happen.

"This is my daughter, so that is what drove me to start the petition. I know how I felt so I figured there would be others out there who felt the same way," Johnson said.

Doug Cain says he will be signing that petition, thinking of his young grandchildren.

"Yeah, I will sign the petition I think it's a great idea. I think everyone with kids or grandkids needs to look at it. Kids don't need to go through that. They are already traumatized enough by what happened," Cain said

Superintendent Mike Reed says he is aware of the petition, and his only comment on the issue is that he is waiting on a report from the committee, a group that was approved at the last school board meeting, made up of various community members to discuss drill scenarios. Until a recommendation is made and approved by the school board, Superintendent Reed says no drill will take place.

Johnson plans to be at that school board meeting with petition in hand hoping to persuade school board members not to expose children to an fake shooter.

"That makes them to where they have to go to school everyday in fear wondering is a shooter going to show up, looking over their shoulder, and I think that is too much for an elementary child to have to deal with," Johnson said.

Hartselle City School Board will meet February 11th. Johnson said she plans to be at that meeting with her petition.

You can find the petition by clicking on the following link: Hartselle City Schools Board of Education: Deny a live shooting drill at F.E. Burleson Elementary

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