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Pot Hole Season is Here

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Last week's wild winter weather brought more than just rain and snow. It also brought another big problem to the roads.

That weather was being blamed for an outbreak of pot holes on roads across the area - a new addition to the streets that many drivers are having a hard time ignoring.

"I've noticed - definitely, since it snowed - that the pot holes have become a lot worse," said Madison resident, Sara Covey.

"Over here, on the hill, on Hughes Rd. and Wall Triana," Glenna Carter pointed out.

"We noticed quite a few, actually, just today," said Susan Lunsford of Harvest.

Pot holes lined Eastview Drive in Madison. As last week's winter weather cleared out, a new problem emerged, causing headaches for drivers all over North Alabama.

"I mean, when you're really having to watch where you're driving and dodging them, you feel like you're going to lose a tire," said Covey.

"[It] just makes me concerned for the alignment of my car and - because I do have a new car - I'd like to see those get fixed, as soon as possible," added Lunsford.

In places like Madison, the problem is hard to miss. The entire length of Eastview Drive was peppered with pot holes. People living in the area and driving those roads every day said the city needs to make major repairs, and soon.

"I mean, I understand that it costs a lot of money and things like that, but it's getting pretty bad and dangerous, actually. So, I feel like it should be a priority," added Covey.

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