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Martin Luther King, Jr. Remembered

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As inauguration festivities continue, we take time to remember Martin Luther King, Jr.

The national holiday is to observe the birthday of the civil rights leader.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was an activist for African-American civil rights during the 1960s, fighting against state and federal laws.

King was assassinated in 1968, but not before he touched the lives of millions around the nation, including Reverend Robert Shanklin.

The Reverend has been involved with the NAACP for decades and says he's just tried to continue the movement that Martin Luther King, Jr. started so many years ago. He says, "For me, it means that I should be about the same thing or even more, go farther then he did because I have lived longer then he did, so that means I should do the work and then do more."

With Martin Luther King, Jr. Day being a national holiday, all schools, banks, city offices, and government run facilities will be closed.

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