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Alabama Lawmaker Wants State Out of Liquor Business

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Alcohol bought only at privately owned liquor stores, with no more state-owned ABC stores, could be the way of the future in Alabama if a new proposal passes.

"It all goes back to the fundamental question - should the state be in the liquor business?," said Senator Arthur Orr, who is proposing the idea.

It's an idea that's been floated around for years and now, the idea could become a reality.

The proposal would benefit privately-owned liquor stores, making them the only liquor retailers in the state.

"It will take a lot of a debate and a lot of review and revision to get a product that makes everyone comfortable," said Orr.

Sen. Orr said eliminating Alabama ABC stores would save the state roughly $46 million, annually; freeing up money for things in need of extra funding, such as state prisons.

"Therein, lies significant, additional revenues that were spent on these items, would now go to the general fund budget, which are desperately needed," Orr added.

He says there would also be restrictions put in place, preventing liquor stores from popping up on every corner. The proposal will be made in the upcoming legislative session and - if passed - would go into effect on October 1.

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