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Top 9@9 for January 17, 2013

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1. Ice and snow in the Tennessee Valley moved in throughout the day, but was pretty much gone by 5PM.

2. That snow event increased lines at the groceries stores, at least for a little while. The self-fulfilling prophecy about milk and bread made those staples a hot item.

3. Freezing rain was the main culprit of weather trouble in DeKalb County. Sand Mountain received a light dusting of snow.

4. Even a little dusting was a welcome sight at the Cloudmont ski resort in Mentone. Owners hope the winter weather will get people to the slopes and allow the resort to manufacture snow.

5. A fight at Lauderdale County High School sent one girl to the hospital with serious internal injuries. It happened right before lunch Wednesday.

6. The movie theater in Aurora, Colorado that was the scene of a massacre last July is set to reopen this weekend. The company is offering free movie passes to survivors of the massacre, families of victims and first responders.

7. The overall death rate for cancer in the U.S. has dropped by nearly a fifth over the past two decades. The American Cancer Society says the decline translates into more than a million lives saved in that time period.

8. A Florida teen is facing criminal charges for a prank on strangers in public. Police say the teen who has kissed strangers crawled under moving vehicles and pretended to sleep on busy highways took it too far when he gave strangers wedgies.

9. New Idol judge Keith Urban says his American Idol experience has been a wild ride so far. The two night premiere of auditions wrapped up Thursday evening on FOX54.

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