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Top 9@9 for January 4, 2013

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1. More than 100 military police officers about to deploy to Guantanamo Bay were refused service at Ryan's Friday afternoon. The restaurant's owner says it was a miscommunication.

2. Flames at the Fushi Copperweld plant in Fayetteville sent plumes of smoke into the sky. The sprinklers went off as all employees evacuated safely.

3. The Lincoln County, Tenn. District Attorney says two suspects in the deaths of six people along the Tennessee-Alabama border last October are in custody, but charges have not yet been filed. The D.A. is asking the state crime lab to expedite its analysis of crime scene evidence.

4. Huntsville's Galaxy of Lights and the W.C. Handy Festival in the Shoals named to the Alabama Tourism Department's top ten events for 2013.

5. New video from the sun show a hot and stormy New Year's Eve. A NASA telescope caught the four hour show as magnetic forces shook up gases on the surface.

6. A deer was stuck on the ice in Massachusetts. Rescuers eventually brought the deer to safety.

7. After a lot of loud complaints, the House of Representatives finally approved aid for Sandy victims. The House said yes to $89.7 billion to pay flood insurance claims.

8. Wild video from Tampa shows a pickup truck attempting to climb a set of stairs. Police say rain and fog played a part in the accident.

9. The Alabama Crimson Tide hit the practice field at noon in shells and shorts on Friday to get ready for the BCS title game.

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