Colorado Soldier Linked by DNA to Madison Crime


31-year-old Aaron Lucas is a First Lieutenant in the United States Army.

He's stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado.

The Madison Police Department has linked him to an incident from 2007.

Officials say a young girl was coaxed into a vehicle after getting off a school bus, sexually assaulted, and then abandoned.

But, police were able to collect DNA evidence.

When Lucas was arrested in Colorado for similar crimes, police in Madison were notified by a national database that the DNA was a match.

"This system is a lifesaver for us and again, we hate it that these things have to happen to our victims, to our citizens, because it's more than just a job, especially when you have a child that's been assaulted. It becomes a passion for our detectives and we're just glad we can bring closure to them," says Madison Police Department Capt. John Stringer.

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