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Top 9@9 for December 31, 2012

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1. Limestone County deputies are investigating a stabbing that left a man dead at a trailer park on Chris Way near Athens. We're told the incident was the result of a domestic incident.

2. It looked like the U.S. was headed over the Fiscal Cliff. Congress did not meet the midnight deadline for voting to avert it. Still, there has been progress in talks at the Capitol.

3. "Fiscal Cliff" is on the list of words to be banished. An annual survey of the most irritating phrases also includes "spoiler alert", "trending", and "guru".

4. Fitness was about mingling in 2012. Short and social was the trend for workouts from mud races to sweat parties. Fitness is becoming a group activity.

5. It's the swan song for 75 watt light bulbs. The bulbs will be phased out and replaced with LED bulbs.

6. A new record for tablets and smartphone activations. Christmas day saw 332 percent more devices activated than last year in America. Roughly 4 million were hooked up.

7. In New York City more than a million people gathered to say goodbye to 2012. Security was tight where revelers are wearing plastic glasses spelling out 2013.

8. The 88 pound moon pie was in place for a new year's celebration in Mobile. It was served as part of the MoonPie drop.

9. There is an alternative to drinking and driving this new year's eve. "Tow for Life" is a service from United Towing in Huntsville offering free rides for drivers who've had too much to drink. The free service is sponsored by AAA.

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