Firefighters on Duty at Christmas


As most of the city enjoys time off from work and school, some carry on with their daily work on Christmas day, like firefighters at the Huntsville Fire Department.

"It's just what we have to do to try to serve the community," said District Chief, Talley Fanning.

He and the other firefighters have adjusted over the years, to celebrating the holidays around their work schedules - All part of the job. A job he says, he's happy to do.

But, don't feel too bad for these guys. They say for them, this is family time.

"You know, this is family too. This is my guys here and we're just part of a family and we just do what we have to," said Fanning.

The guys at Station 1 spend a lot of time together, working 24 hour shifts at a time. Eating, sleeping, working, and just hanging out - all under the same roof. And, Christmas day really is not all that different.

"We'll bring something in and we usually have breakfast together and, then, some of our families from outside will come up and they'll eat lunch or supper with us. But, basically, we just do our job, like we do every other day," Fanning said.

It's a sacrifice that people at Fire Station 1 - and throughout the community - make every year. But, you won't hear Fanning complain.

"We just come to work and do our job. And we enjoy doing what we do," added Fanning.

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