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Shooting at Huntsville Apartment Complex Sends 2 to Hospital

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"There's too many kids around here," says resident Terrence Cooper.

Many at Chadwick Place Apartments voicing their concerns Wednesday night.

Two people were shot in the parking lot in broad day light.

"I'm 40 years old and this is a mess. We got to wake up because there's always a tragedy that happens across the world, in the United States. We need to come up with better gun laws," says Cooper.

As of Wednesday evening, the suspects were still on the loose.

Chris Duclose lives upstairs from where the shooting happened.

"Basically, there was some drama last night, some guys wrapped it up by shooting. There was 4 shots, 2- 3 shots by one guy, another shot blew a guy's fingers off and that's pretty much it," says Duclose.  He adds that for the most part it's a safe are and says it's one specific apartment that he says causes problems.

"I'm tired of it. You know. Just the person below us causing a lot of drama. Once we get them out of there, there shouldn't be an issue," says Duclose.

But Terrence Cooper says the area is taking a downward turn.  "It's a good area. But it ain't good no more cause it's getting crazy nowadays," explains Cooper.

Neighbors say they're actively trying to get something done about the violence. Police are still actively searching for suspect(s). They have detained a vehicle in Madison, but cannot confirm if it is a suspect's car.

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