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Goodman Manufacturing Employees on Strike

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The almost 1,000 members of the International Machinists Union, working at Goodman Manufacturing in Fayetteville, formed picket lines on Sunday.

They say many of the terms presented to them by the company are just unacceptable.

"Hard-working people work at Goodman and they deserve a little more than what the company wanted to offer them," said employee, Davy Smith.

What the company wanted to offer, employees say, was sky-high insurance premiums and a tiered system that would put employees at a disadvantage.

"Our membership just felt like they had been taken advantage of and like they deserved a better deal," said Jerry Benson of the International Machinists Union.

With negotiations starting in mid-October and coming to a head on Friday, union members are striking to bring about better terms and conditions, but they say their intentions are not to put Goodman in a bind.

"We have a good relationship with this company and we want to continue that. We're not here to hurt this company," Benson added.

Employees say that they are willing to do what it takes to get a fair contract and that they hope things will, eventually, end on a high note for everyone.

"I pray to God that everything goes peaceful and everything just goes well," said employee, Brenda Smith.

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