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Top 9@9 for December 6, 2012

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1. A North Courtland Councilman was arrested on drug charges. His arrest, along with 20 other suspects, was the result of a six month long undercover investigation.

2. Huntsville decided the future of Volcano 256. The city approved the strip club's business license, but denied its liquor license. The city council voted to uphold that decision Thursday night.

3. The search for a Jackson County man on the run comes to an end with his body found in a swamp. Charles Liles, who had been missing since Monday, was running from deputies who tried to stop him for a routine search.

4. Governor Bentley is offering a $5,000 reward for information in the beating of an 88 year old Tuscumbia man. Elbert Davis, known as Opossum, was beaten to death in his home earlier this year.

5. The Madison Academy Mustangs brought home the first state title in Madison County history. Kerryon Johnson and company defeated Fayette County 31-7 for the 3A title.

6. A North Carolina Students was told to remove the word God from a poem. More than 100 outraged parents packed out a school board meeting to support the six year old girl. The poem, written for a Veteran's Day program, was edited by the superintendent.

7. The Orlando Airport is taking the first step that could replace TSA agents with private screeners. The airport is discussing new customer service standards. If they meet them, they can stay.

8. Shocking video shows a 7-year-old girl struck and dragged by a hit and run driver in California. The young girl amazingly survived.

9. And in this edition of stupid criminals: A crook in Florida locks himself out his car as he steals batteries and loads them in that car. He ends up breaking his window to get back in.

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