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Top 9@9 for November 26, 2012

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1. Deputies are investigating after two hunters found a dead body off Spring Creek Road in Franklin County.

2. A man was arrested for vandalizing a cemetery in Tanner. Headstones were knocked over in the cemetery three times in the last three weeks.

3. The victim of a Thanksgiving day shooting in Albertville is in good condition after giving birth this past weekend. Mayra Cordova what shot by her estranged husband before he shot himself. The shooter, Jacob Corona, died Saturday.

4. An iconic Marshall County store is closing its doors. Hammers has been open in downtown Albertville for 64 years.

5. Alabama residents are crossing the state line, hoping to win big. The Powerball lottery has reached a whopping $425 million.

6. The numbers show this past weekend's Black Friday was the biggest shopping weekend on record. Estimates show over $50 billion dollars were spent.

7. Some of those deals were worth fighting over, according to a trio of men in California. Video shows the three knocking over a display in a mall during the fistfight over a pair of shoes.

8. Sunday's Hostess Liquidation brought out the masses in Orlando. One bakery shop sold over 2,100 twinkies in less than 15 minutes.

9. Santa himself delivered the US Capitol's Christmas tree. The 65 foot Engelman Spruce arrived Monday from Colorado.

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