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Top 9@9 for November 20, 2012

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1. Two brothers are facing charges in connection with the stabbing death of a Zip City man. They were picked up around 2PM Tuesday afternoon in Tallahassee, Florida.

2. A Killen man is behind bars after leading police on a pursuit. Deputies say John Myatt rammed a deputy's patrol car after he tried to rob a convenience store with a pocket knife.

3. The University of North Alabama is appointing an officer to focus solely on sexual assault cases. The decision comes in the wake of a rash of recent crime on and just off campus.

4. Incumbent Tommy Ragland has won the race for Madison County's Probate Judge again. After two days of recounting, the Democratic candidate has increased his lead.

5. Court-appointed lawyers who represented Amy Bishop are getting more than $550,000 from the state for their work. A Circuit Judge ordered a payment of $452,000 for Barry Abston. Roy Miller will get $100,000. Bishop is serving life for killing three colleagues.

6. Alabama ranks third in the nation in terms of credit card delinquency. The state's third quarter rate is just over one percent.

7. Alabama stores are among the locations being targeted in a Black Friday strike by Wal-Mart workers who plan to walk out to protest. The company has asked Federal labor officials to intervene.

8. The Mars Science Laboratory team has hinted that they might have some big news to share soon saying it will be something for the history books. But like good scientists, they are waiting until they verify their results before an announcement.

9. A growing number of women are taking extreme measures to wear their favorite heels. Some are even cutting off their pinky toes.

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