Downtown Rescue Mission Preps for Thanksgiving


This coming Thursday, the Downtown Rescue Mission will feed hundreds for Thanksgiving.

About eight hundred folks will be donating their time for Thursday's big meal. Sunday, volunteers were busy making preps. Some of the mission's pantry shelves are bare.

Donald Jones is a resident who works the front desk. He says the shelter needs canned goods and food and other items. "We need a lot of stuff because we have a lot of kids and moms. And we need it because we are running short. Anything you can bring: food, diapers or baby wipes will be really a blessing" Jones said.

Conley Bush is the Chaplain who ministers to the homeless residents. He makes sure they have food and clothing. Conley also encourages those who need help with addiction to get involved in drug and alcohol programs.

The chaplain says he is looking forward to feeding the less fortunate on Thanksgiving. "Being at this place at this time of year and seeing how the staff is making sure the guys are eating. And being a part of what God wants us to do in this community for the homeless is amazing".

Thanksgiving day, the Downtown Rescue Mission will serve more than twelve hundred meals.

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