Possible Merger in the Future for Decatur High Schools


Decatur School Board Member Karen Duke says, "Oh yes, everyone has an opinion. This isn't something that you just ignore."

Will Austin and Decatur High Schools become one?

 "You know, but there's a lot of benefits that we could achieve by one high school. And that would be to bring together a community that's divided by a railroad track," explains Duke when talking about a possible merger.

Around the city it seems you're either a Black Bears or a Raiders fan.

Even though the two are long time rivals, some think one high school is ideal.

"It would be a rival but I mean, I think it would be a good idea. Money wise and so everyone can get a long better," says Austin High School senior Cydney Amos.

Each school is over 50 years old and due for renovations.

But, some believe that education is more important than the looks of the school.

"I think it's kind of fun that there's a rival. So, it's a growing city. I think if the high school gets too big, if they put them together and it's really big, I think they might lose some quality," says parent Jessica Hales.

Financially, school board officials say they're at a good point to make changes no matter what they are.

School Board Member Donnie Lane says, "We have the ability to renovate both of these schools. Quite honestly, I think we've got the best of both worlds where we can do whatever we decide we need to do. Either financially and also from a community stand point."

When it comes to decision making, community members will have a say.

"We'll keep the focus on the needs of the children then we usually come out, and get everyone in the room, to find the best way to do that," says Decatur City Schools Superintendent Ed Nichols.

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