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Top 9@9 for November 12, 2012

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1. More than 30 wounded warriors are wrapping up a busy Warrior's Week in the Rocket City. The wounded veterans were brought in by the Semper Fi Community Task Force to be honored with a week of recreation, rest and relaxation.

2. Veterans Day activities in Huntsville included a breakfast at the Huntsville Depot Roundhouse this morning and a parade through the streets of downtown Huntsville.

3. The city of Sardis is preparing for the return of a local hero. Corey Garmon will arrive in the Valley Friday for a brief holiday visit. The Army soldier was injured when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan.

4. A former marine in Oklahoma can still handle a gun. This 77 year old veteran shot an intruder as the man tried to break in. The crook was caught as he hobbled away.

5. The CIA is denying reports that the organization detained people in Libya prior to an attack on the U.S. consulate. Those rumors are from Paula Broadwell, the woman who had an affair with David Petraeus.

6. A possible furnace problem could be to blame for the explosion that killed two people and damaged dozens of homes.

7. There is scandal on Sesame Street. The puppeteer who performs as Elmo is accused of having a relationship with a then-16-year-old boy. The 52 year old puppeteer admits the relationship with the now-23-year-old accuser, but says it was between two consenting adults.

8. Someone stole from a good Samaritan as she tried to help victims of a car accident. She says she left her door open while keeping an injured man stabilized and someone stole the $900 of rent money in her car.

9. This year's U.S. Capitol Christmas tree is now making its way cross-country on the way to Washington. It's traveling with more than five thousand ornaments hand-made by the people of Colorado.

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