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Top 9@9 for November 7, 2012

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1. Hartselle remains the largest dry city in Alabama after residents voted to keep alcohol sales out of the city limits. The measure to add alcohol sales failed by 412 votes.

2. The Madison County Commission will soon have more power to deal with dangerous dogs. The County's Amendment one passed with 75% of the vote.

3. The run-off for Madison County Probate Judge is headed to an automatic re-count because the results were so close. Republican candidate Patty Demos came in behind Judge Tommy Ragland by about 120 votes out of 149,000 ballots.

4. A dead man was elected to the Bibb County Commission. GOP candidate Charles Beasley passed away two weeks before the election.

5. Colorado's governor is warning residents against marijuana use even though voters in Colorado and Washington state yesterday approved ballot measures legalizing recreational use of marijuana. Marijuana is illegal under federal law.

6. "Whether you voted for the very first time or waited in line for a very long time, by the way we have to fix that," says President Barack Obama. President Obama addressed supporters in Chicago after being re-elected to a second term. He said changes at the polls are on the way.

7. The long line problem is drawing the frustration of many voters in Huntsville. The last resident to cast his ballot in Madison County left the precinct at 9:30 after waiting nearly 3 hours to vote.

8. Long lines In Florida's Miami-Dade County kept many polling stations open until ten. They're still counting votes to see who will get the state's 29 electoral votes.

9. While most Americans voted at schools churches or community centers, some San Francisco residents voted in a building housing the ashes of the deceased. In Chicago, they voted on the top floor of a 43 story skyscraper and a laundromat. And in Venice Beach California, a lifeguard station was home to a precinct.

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