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Top 9@9 for November 5, 2012

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1. Nearly 200 people spent the day searching for a teen in Dellrose, Tennessee. The 19 year old went missing Saturday night.

2. Tommy Battle was sworn in for a second term as mayor of Huntsville. He took the oath along with councilmen Will Culver and Richard Showers.

3. A 13th person has died in Tennessee in the deadly outbreak of fungal meningitis that has sickened more than 400 people around the country. 78 have been sickened in the state.

4. The town of Colony is shutting down after leaders couldn't pick a new mayor. The Cullman County town of 270 people closed Monday, leaving no one to pay bills.

5. The national average price at the pump is down to $3.54 after the biggest two week drop since 2008. Superstorm Sandy and fixed refinery problems in California are the cause. The average price in Huntsville is around $3.20.

6. Election day is tomorrow, but millions of Americans have already cast their ballots with early voting from coast to coast. The numbers have already surpassed 2008 turnout.

7. Since the launch of the iPad mini, Apple has sold three million iPads. The minis are almost sold out, as the company struggles to keep up with demand.

8. Samsung says it has sold more than 30 million Galaxy S3 smartphones in about five months. That makes it one of the fastest selling smartphones in the world. The S2 took 14 months to sell 30 million.

9. Recovery producing even more long lines in the Northeast. This time it's for commuters trying to get to New York City for work. The lines stretch down major roads for New Jersey Transit's special bus service.

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