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Top 9@9 for November 2, 2012

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1. There was a stir of controversy when Valley Utility crews headed North to help restore power. Decatur Utilities crews were turned around because of confusion over union contracts.

2. An employee at Mezza Luna Restaurant was arrested after spending the night in the building and drinking at the bar. Police say they found him locked inside and drunk.

3. Bras were strung across the Tennessee River to support breast cancer awareness. Hundreds of bras were sewed together for the uplifting event.

4. A NASA prototype soared more than 150 feet on its second flight. That's the mighty eagle's highest and longest flight yet.

5. Drivers waited for more than an hour for gas in the New York City area. The gasoline shortage was created by hurricane Sandy.

6. The line in Japan was for the new iPad mini. More than 300 people camped outside the Apple store in Tokyo to buy the tablet with a starting price of $359 US.

7. The last day for early voting in Georgia brought long lines at polling stations. Election day is Tuesday across the nation.

8. The White House is increasing in value. The estimated price is up 1.5 percent since 2008. However, the $284.9 million valuation is lower than the nearly $300 million it was worth in 2006.

9. An elephant in South Korea is speaking human words. Koshik says the Korean words for hello, sit down, lie down, no and good.

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