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Top 9@9 for October 24, 2012

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1. The Huntsville man killed this week in Huntsville is linked to a series of murders along the Alabama Tennessee line. A total of six people are dead including a pregnant woman. Authorities say the killings are likely drug related.

2. That pregnant victim is Chabreya Campbell, who was six months along. According to Tennessee law, her unborn child can also be counted as a murder victim.

3. In Louisiana, an unborn baby is dead after a man stabbed his pregnant wife, then cut the fetus from her womb. The mother is in stable condition.

4. A group of Alabama residents are on the campaign trail. The Alabama Victory Patriots is a group of 100 Mitt Romney supporters that departed from the Space and Rocket center this morning on the way to Ohio to go door to door.

5. British billionaire Richard Branson is delaying his space tourism project. It will be at least 12 months before the Virgin Galactic Venture can offer paid space travel to more than 200 adventurers that have already signed up for the $200,000 two hour trip.

6. Council members in Washington DC are mulling over an excise tax on sugary drinks. They hope the tax will deter people from buying unhealthy beverages.

7. A list of most used passwords by a group of online hackers includes the usual suspects of "password" and "123456". This year, Jesus, welcome, and mustang also made the list along with ninja and monkey.

8. Turkeys are invading a California neighborhood. More than a hundred birds are fowling up the place causing a big stink. Officials say, "don't feed the turkeys!

9. Scientists say a sound from the water is a beluga whale named Noc mimicking a human voice. A diver originally mistook it for a human voice giving underwater instructions.

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