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Top 9@9 for October 15, 2012

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1. There is new information from a weekend shooting in Colbert County. The Sheriff says a teen was shot during a prank gone wrong while nine teenage boys were at the home.

2. Cummings Research Park is celebrating 50 years in Huntsville. The park, established to attract high tech industry, is now home to 300 companies and 25 thousand jobs.

3. A small earthquake was felt in Northeast Alabama. A 2.3 magnitude quake struck just after eight in the city of Oxford.

4. Alabama Governor Robert Bentley was in Huntsville Monday announcing a bill offering state employees an incentive to voluntarily retire. The plan would either pay 100 percent of monthly premiums for health insurance or offer 15 thousand dollars in cash payments.

5. Social Security payments are set to increase Tuesday, but only about 12 to 24 dollars for the typical retiree in January. That's a rise of about one to two percent.

6. President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are actually agreeing about one aspect of Tuesday's debate. They are not happy with the moderator. CNN anchor Candy Crowley's says she will take a more assertive role in challenging the candidates.

7. The Madison County Board of Registrars is reporting record turn out of registered voters. The total number of voters has surpassed 225,000. You have until Friday October 26th to register for the November 6th election.

8. More Americans are out shopping! The Commerce department reports retail sales rose 1.1 percent last month. Electronics, auto dealers and gas stations are seeing higher numbers.

9. Botox isn't just for wrinkles anymore. UCLA researchers say injections may soothe chronic neck and shoulder muscle pain.

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