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Top 9@9 for October 12, 2012

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1. Six Lee High School students were arrested after a fight in the school's lunchroom. Police were called to the campus around 11.

2. An Alabama man is accused of robbing a Fred's store in Georgia at gunpoint. Now, cops in Alabama want to question him about a shooting at Fred's in Rainsville.

3. Huntsville Hospital is taking no chances after a compounding pharmacy linked to a massive meningitis outbreak is recalling all its products. Hospital officials say they pulled all products from that pharmacy.

4. An investigation is underway into a breach of personal information at Redstone Arsenal's Army Material Command. An employee took private documents of more than 400 AMC employees home.

5. Madison officials are planning to install new security cameras in the city's parks. The move is in response to vandalism and other criminal activity in the parks.

6. Police in California detonated bomb making materials on the street in front of a home. The resident's roommate reported the suspect to police for making explosives.

7. A stamp will be 46 cents starting in January. Priority shipping rates will also increase as the postal service is expected to lose a record 15 billion dollars this year.

8. Butt dialing is being blamed for most of nearly four million accidental calls to emergency crews in New York. Workers at the 9-1-1 call center say people are accidentally calling with their phones in their pants pockets.

9. It was a big delivery from a little package as a mother gave birth to a 12 pound, 23 inch girl. The mother was just over five feet tall and weighed 110 pounds before getting pregnant.

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