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Top 9@9 for October 11, 2012

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1. A complaint against Huntsville schools was logged with the US Department of Education. According to some parents and students, bullying has become a growing issue within the system.

2. A Limestone County principal was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. The system's superintendent won't comment on the investigation.

3. Three suspects in last year's double murder at the Decatur Krystal will be tried separately. A judge made that decision in court Thursday.

4. The democratic donkey won't be on Alabama's November ballot. The party's staff asked to change the party's logo from the head of a donkey to the words "Alabama Democrats".

5. A Google spokesperson says Mitt Romney's Google problem isn't something the company can fix. A Google search for the phrase, "completely wrong", yields page after page of the GOP presidential candidate's image. According to Google, the results are a natural effect of its algorithm after Romney said his 47 percent comments were completely wrong.

6. A bike thief in Oregon has a change of heart and returns the bicycle he stole along with an apology note and ten bucks for the lock he broke. In the note, he said he was struggling with unemployment and addiction.

7. A monkey is on the loose in a Florida neighborhood. Authorities are trying to get him off the streets after he bit a resident. The monkey's been roaming the area for years.

8. There are nearly as many cell phone subscribers as there are people across the globe. The UN telecom agency says six million people had cell phone subscriptions at the end of last year. That's 86 percent of the global population.

9. It's the end of an era for coca-cola lovers as the last 6.5 ounce returnable glass bottle rolls off the production line. The company will no longer refill the bottles.

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