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Unbelievable Discovery at Valley Thrift Store

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Among the racks of second hand sweaters, odd curiosities and the gently used knick-knacks of old is one item that stands out from the crowd at Helpfull Hands Thrift Store in Moulton.

"Strangest thing we've ever gotten," says owner Anita Terry.

Two years ago, the Terrys were sorting through a box of donations with no real way of knowing where it came from or who dropped it off.

"It was a lot of kitchen-wares and little chalk-like figurines and stuff like that. Clothes that were very vintage. You could tell they were old," says Terry.

Nestled in the bottom of the box was an innocent looking ceramic container.

"I just picked it up and I thought well that's cute. I wonder why its sealed? Then I turned it over and I said, uh oh. That's why it's sealed," says Terry.

It finally got to the point that the Terrys couldn't contain their curiosity any longer. They opened up the container and came face to face with what's left of Miss Anita Garrett.

"We opened it up and I asked my daughter, do you know what this is? She said well no. I said well if I'm not mistaken this is an urn with someone's ashes," says Terry.

The Terry's contacted the local police department. They had no record of anyone named Garrett who was searching for the remains of a lost loved one. In fact, back in 1973 when the mystery woman supposedly died, the only crematorium around was more than a hundred miles away in Birmingham.

"We want somebody to come get it. The family. The ones that this is their family member. We would like for them to have it back," insists Terry.

But until somebody comes forward to claim her, "Anita" has a safe place under the register at Helping Hands thrift store.

"We've got it in a bag so it can't get spilled or turned over. We're gonna keep it until someone comes for it."

If you have any information on the urn or the Garrett family, you can call Helpfull Hands on Court Street in Moulton at 256-621-2536.

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