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Top 9@9 for October 5, 2012

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1. The body found by Huntsville's Operation Green Team was identified using dental records and property recovered from the scene. Investigators say it's that of 49 year old Billy Barnes who went missing September 7th.

2. A Muscle Shoals man is facing charges after police found dozens of photo albums filled with child pornography. He says he's a member of the American Nudist Society.

3. Mitt Romney's running mate is coming to Huntsville. Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will be at the Von Braun Center October 26th for a luncheon fundraiser.

4. The US government is taking action following a deadly outbreak of meningitis. The FDA is urging doctors not to use any products from the compounding pharmacy responsible. A steroid for back pain is being blamed for the outbreak that's killed five people.

5. After a long journey from Georgia to Texas for their daughter's cancer treatment, a couple woke up to find someone had stolen the wheels off their car. Word spread quickly over facebook and donations poured in to help them get new wheels.

6. A dog in New York followed his owner's scent two miles to the hospital. The owner was hospitalized with a skin condition when Zander broke out of his home to make the journey.

7. American Airlines canceled dozens of flights for the second day in row on Friday in the wake of loose seats found on its planes. Crews are adding 5,000 FAA approved devices to a seat lock plunger mechanism that should hold the seats in place.

8. NASA released the sound the Earth makes when it "sings". The sound is an electromagnetic phenomenon caused by plasma waves in Earth's radiation belts.

9. In this edition of stupid criminals, a Tennessee man had the words Meth Lab in the rear window of his pick up truck. Guess what police found inside: A meth lab. The driver was arrested.

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