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Threatening Mail Received by UNA Math Department

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A threatening letter followed by an envelope containing a bullet has police at the University of North Alabama on full alert.

The Math Department at UNA received the threatening letter in the mail last week. On Monday, October 1st, they received another envelope, this one containing only a bullet. School officials said Math Department faculty and students have been notified. But students we spoke to had not heard anything about the threats.

"I am a little freaked out to be honest. I had no idea you were going to approach me with that kind of news, so it's a little unnerving to even go to math class," said UNA student Hannah Speaks.

"I have math three times a week and I haven't heard anything," said freshman Lauren Peddycoart.

Campus Communications Director Josh Woods said school police sat down with the faculty of the math department early this week instructing them to be alert and to warn students about the threats.

"The students have also been alerted of this situation, the students of the classes of this department have been notified of the situation," Woods said.

Students said that is not what happened, but they wish it was. "Lets be on the lookout together for this instead of if someone does come with a gun being blindsided and none of us knowing anything about it," Speaks said.


Speaks said she just wants to know that the campus is taking the threat seriously. School officials said they are.

"Even though we certainly hope that the threats were nothing more than threats, it is still being taken very seriously and investigated," Woods said.

The content of the letter has not been released, but the threat is said to be directed more towards the faculty than the students.

University police are following several significant leads. They believe the two threats were connected, and they have patrols on full alert.

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