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Victim's Friends Seek "Justice for Brandon"

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Friends and family of Brandon Hydrick say the release of the man who admittedly shot and killed him adds insult to injury.

"It's unfair. It's unbelievably unfair," says Jessica Hydrick Nichols.

Nichols, Brandon's older sister, says it's hard for her to fathom that before she could bury her little brother, the man who admittedly took his life is out of jail and free to enjoy the things Brandon won't ever get to again.

"I wish we were on Smith Lake having a vacation. I'd give anything in this world, anything in the whole world for him to be on the water because he loved it so much," says Nichols.

Monday, Limestone County Judge Jerry Batts ordered Joel Moyers bond set at $260,000. Batts demanded Moyers turn over all of his firearms and required that he stay out of Bella Mina and instead reside at his mother's home on Smith Lake.

"I believe that the people in Cullman are now at risk. This guy should not be out, he should not be on the streets. He should be locked up where he can never ever hurt anyone like this again," says Bronwen Murray.

Murray was Brandon's girlfriend. Now she is taking her outrage over Moyer's release to Facebook and urging others to demand that authorities put him back in jail. Brandon's sister couldn't agree more.

"It was his decision. He chose to stand in that road. He chose to shoot through the back of a truck. He chose to cowardly shoot a man in the back. All I can say is thank God that he didn't shoot both of my brothers because then I might be burying both of them this week," says Nichols.

Neighbors say Moyers had a history of paranoid behavior, had threatened violence before and has no businesses roaming free now.

"I've spoken to him on numerous occasions and almost every time I've spoken with him, every time I can remember...he has talked about some sort of violence against someone else," says T.D. Murray.

Those that loved Brandon the most say the sadness can't end until someone answers for his death.

"He had his entire life ahead of him. Someone took that from him and they should pay," says Murray.

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