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Girlfriend of Murder Victim Looking for Answers

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Late Monday morning, Bronwen Murray returned to the desolate stretch of road where her boyfriend, 26 year old Brandon Hydrick, met his tragic end.

"I just kind of wanted to try and be near him," Murray says.

Murray says not only is she struggling to cope with her loss, but she is also trying to figure out why in the world a neighbor shot and killed him.

"He was amazing. He was just so sweet and he never had an argument with anybody. He was hard working and he was just a great guy and no one could ever say a bad word about him," recalled a tearful Murray.

Murray says she is numb. She says Friday night, Hydrick and his brother were among several friends that visited her parent's property off Fennell Lane in Limestone County. She says it was a weekend outing both her and Brandon loved and one they had made dozens of times before.

"It was a cool night so we decided to build a bonfire. We were just hanging out, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs," she says.

Murray says she left before Brandon that night. The next morning she says she got the worst phone call of her life from Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely. She says the news that her boyfriend had been shot and killed, and that a neighbor was responsible, rocked her to her core.

"We've even waved at him as we passed by. I know that he knows that vehicle as does everybody else in this neighborhood. I have no idea. I have no idea why he did this," Murray says.

Murray says 52 year old Joel Moyers has lived just up the street from her parent's property for as long as she can remember. She says the man was known for acting strangely.

"He's unstable. He's paranoid. He calls other people in the neighborhood in the middle of the night saying that someone is trying to break into his trailer and rob people in the neighborhood," she says.

Whatever Moyers reasoning, Murray says it won't make up for the pain of losing Brandon.

"He was only 26. He had so much that he hadn't experienced yet. He'll never get to have a family. It's absolutely senseless."

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