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Top 9@9 for October 1, 2012

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1. A Limestone County man was charged with murder after allegedly shooting an AK-47 at a truck near his home as a warning. That shot killed the passenger in the truck.

2. One of four escaped inmates from Lauderdale County was caught at his Girlfriend's house. Damien Nix and three others escaped through air conditioning ducts at the detention center.

3. A new Alabama law aimed at stopping a process called smurfing is now in effect. Smurfing is where meth manufacturers get small amounts of pseudoephedrine from different locations. A campaign to explain the law is launching across the state.

4. Monday marks the beginning of new procedures for the Huntsville times. The paper will only deliver three days a week and push towards online media.

5. A new survey shows more of us are getting our news on the go. Pew research reports half of all adult Americans own either a tablet or smartphone and a third view news stories on those devices at least once a week.

6. It's looking better for the airlines. The International Air Transport Association is raising its projected profit this year to $4.1 billion from $3 billion thanks to strong passenger numbers. That's still less than half of the $8.4 billion earned in 2011.

7. Silver airways is ready for takeoff out of the Shoals. The Florida based company will offer two outbound and incoming flights a day from Northwest Regional to Atlanta. Travelers will still be able to book through Delta's website.

8. With Mitt Romney expected to handily carry Alabama, the state's republican party is sending busloads of volunteers to other states. 200 volunteers have signed up to help in swing states like North Carolina, Virginia, and Ohio.

9. The global diaper supply could be at risk after an explosion rocked a Japanese chemical plant that makes the key ingredient in disposable diapers. So far other acrylic acid makers have been operating at full capacity to meet demand.

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