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Top 9@9 for September 26, 2012

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1. A former convict was arrested and charged with breaking into an apartment in Florence and sexually assaulting the UNA student that lived there. Mitchell Terry was just released from prison in the past 12 months.

2. School started two hours late for Guntersville City Schools while police searched for a suspect in an attempted robbery. Police say the man shot at officers behind a home on Richardson Street, but was never caught.

3. Bridge Street officials are looking to add a new high end department store and a popular chain restaurant. The Huntsville City Council will consider a $4 million incentive package at tomorrow night's meeting.

4. Patrick Sheuerman was officially welcomed as the new director of Marshall Space Flight Center. The mechanical engineer from New Orleans began working with NASA in 1986 testing space shuttle main engines.

5. Limestone County offered drive thru flu shots Wednesday in Athens.

6. Tensions are running high as a bacon shortage is predicted because of high pig feed costs. The cost of bacon has doubled since 2006.

7. You can see the deepest view yet of our galaxies and celestial objects as ten years of images captured by the Hubble telescope are pieced together. The Hubble Extreme Deep captured images of another 5,500 galaxies in the farthest reaches of the universe.

8. We are one step closer to having your car drive you. California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law this week clearing the way for driverless cars to hit the road by setting safety standards.

9. A Wisconsin eye doctor is offering free Lasik surgery to the referee who made the call giving the Seahawks a win over Green Bay Monday night. He is also offering free eye exams for any refs who worked Monday night's game.

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