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Top 9@9 for September 24, 2012

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1. Amy Bishop Anderson was sentenced to life in prison as a result of a guilty verdict from a Madison County jury. The UA Huntsville shooter waived her right to appeal by accepting a plea deal.

2. A Madison County judge is upholding the city of Huntsville's ruling James Hessler's yard in five points a nuisance, meaning it must be cut. Hessler plans to appeal, claiming his yard is home to federally protected birds.

3. An activist group in Boaz is pushing the city to put another wet-dry vote on the ballot for the November elections. Alcohol sales are currently banned in the city. The city council voted Monday evening to put the vote on the ballot.

4. 160 visually impaired students from all over the world are at Space Camp. It's the 23rd year for the week-long program.

5. The iPhone 5 sold more than five million devices over the weekend. The demand exceeded initial supply, but fell short of some expectations. Orders can still be made online for the phone to be ship at a later date.

6. Google shares set an all time high now that it's back in vogue with wall street investors. The stock reached $748.90 cents in afternoon trading.

7. Doctors are urging parents to keep their kids off trampolines. Emergency departments see close to a hundred thousand trampoline related injuries a year.

8. A Tennessee man was shot to death at a shopping center while trying to buy a gun from craigslist. The man's brother says he heard two gunshots when the victim stepped out of the car. The shooter jumped in an unknown car to get away.

9. A flight attendant was busted for carrying a revolver inside her hand bag. A police officer fired shots from the gun when he tried to put the safety on. She says she had a permit for the weapon and just forgot it was in her purse.

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