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Top 9@9 for September 21, 2012

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1. A Huntsville police officer was injured when a car crashed into his cruiser. The driver of that car was charged with DUI and assault.

2. A memorial service was held Friday night for a veteran pilot killed this past weekend in an accident during an air show at Moontown airport. Family and friends gathered at George Myer's hanger to celebrate his life.

3. A tribute to prisoners of war and fallen veterans was held Friday at Huntsville's Veterans memorial.

4. Students from the Huntsville Center for Technology showed off their Aries car. The solar powered ride will compete in the annual greenpower race in the UK.

5. Apple's iPhone 5 is out, but the faster, thinner and lighter device requires a new smaller connector plug. The new plug won't work with older apple products.

6. Tesla motors is revving up its efforts in North America. The electric car company is planning to open ten new locations over the next few months.

7. The New Jersey D.M.V. is not allowing smiles on new drivers license pictures. Its facial recognition software is easily tripped up by even the slightest flash of teeth.

8. Space Shuttle Endeavor took its final piggy back ride on a tour of California. The shuttle will retire to a Los Angeles Museum.

9. And ambassadoreos from across the globe gathered in New York City as part of the Oreo's 100th birthday celebration. 5 people from eight different countries including China, Malaysia, Ecuador, and the Philippines are spreading the chocolaty love.

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